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Finished drawing my favorite model @arikasato ! Although it was a kind of rushed job, I still think I did pretty decent. I hope you enjoy it. I usually don’t put filters on drawings but due to poor lighting you could not see the detail. #arikaglam
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You always gotta have #StudioGhibli movies on deck. Today I watch My Neighbor Totoro with my niece. #Startemfromyoung

Christina Santini in “All That (Lady)” Music Video by Game (x)

A Tribe Called Quest!

I Left My Wallet In El Segundo

that about sums up all 13 volumes

pretty much.
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Talk about a lackluster episode. With all the promo’s and trailers I was expecting an explosion introduction episode for Marika like we had for Tsugumi. Instead she’s completely absent except for a single line at the very end.
I suppose all that will happen during next week’s episode.

Well Nisekoi follows the manga to a T! This is exactly how chapter 33 ended (I think it’s 33) Next week we’ll see some action.

Yeah I figured that was the case, it’s just a little underwhelming with all the hype and promo’s released about Marika’s “big” appearance.

Hahaha agree, the appearance wasn’t big at all. 


i was cheering for onodera when it started but now i can’t help but cheer chitoge on


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